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Electricity in Maryland -
Fact Book 2013


The Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) was established in 1971 to ensure that Maryland could meet its demands for electric power in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost, while protecting the Stateís valuable natural resources.

This Fact Book has been prepared by PPRP as a service to electricity users in Maryland. It is intended to provide current information on power generation in the State, for the use of State agencies, industrial and residential electricity consumers, and the interested public.

PPRP coordinates the Stateís comprehensive review of new power plants and associated facilities as part of the state and federal licensing process. The Program also conducts a range of research and monitoring projects on existing and proposed power plants. PPRP biennially produces a Cumulative Environmental Impact Report (CEIR) which provides information on the current status of knowledge regarding the effects of power generation on the Stateís natural resources. A bibliography which lists the general and site-specific reports that PPRP has produced since the early 1970s is also available.

If you want more information, or to request a copy of the CEIR, bibliography, or other reports, contact PPRP at (410) 260-8660 or visit our website at:

Table of Contents

Marylandís Power Industry 1
   Electricity Sales in Maryland 3
   Generation, Transmission, and Distribution 6
Generation 7
   New Generation Resources 9
   Distributed Generation 10
   PJM Capacity Market 11
Transmission 15
Distribution 19
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 21
   Solar 22
   Wind 23
   Energy Efficiency and Demand Response 23
Environmental Considerations 25
   Policy 25
References for Additional Information 27
   Maryland Agencies and Related Publications 27


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